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Kernel calls are done with brk VALUE.

Some parameter are set into A,X,Y and some others ones needs to be set in Kernel zp memory.

Orix-sdk must be used in order to manage in the right way kernel calls

Args from commandline

  • XMAINARGS : get command line and build argv/argc
  • XGETARGV : get an argv from xmainargs struct


  • XBINDX : convert a number to decimal
  • XDECIM : display a number to the output
  • XDECAY : Convert a string into a number (16 bits)


  • XMALLOC : allocate memory from main memory
  • XFREE : free memory


Text mode

  • XSCROB : scroll from bottom to top
  • XSCROH : scroll from top to bottom

Graphic mode


  • EXEC : Execute binary