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Build a standalone ROM


Before starting :


A standalone ROM is a ROM which does not need the kernel and manage the fully main memory.

It's not the main choice when a ROM is built, but it's used to handle easily compatibility for "Legacy roms" as Atmos Rom, Oric-1 and others customs roms released.

It means that all code to manage files, joysticks, text I/O, Hires I/O must be inserted in this rom.

This mode must avoided because it won't handle evolution handled in the kernel and the Twilighte board

Access to sdcard and usbdrive

Orix and kernel handles devices : usbdrive (Usbkey) and sdcard. When a standalone rom is built, it must keep default device, in that case, it requires to ask to the kernel which is the default device before flushing main memory.

Launching a standalone ROM

If you are on Oricutron, you can put in bank 7, your rom and start Oricutron in twilighte board mode. On real computer, you need to

  • copy your ROM into a folder (ex : /usr/share/myroms/myrom.rom)
  • Modify /etc/systemd/banks.cnf to add a new rom entry
  • Type funct + L and you will be able to start your standalone ROM

Last update: 2022-11-23