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v2022.4 and v2022.4.1


  • Kernel supports relocation mode binary
  • fixbug in multiples files opened

CC65 (telestrat target)

  • binary from cc65 will be deprecated (without relocbin tool in order to convert it in relocation mode). It needs to get relocbin from orix-sdk :


  • cp now works
  • many man pages had been improved
  • bugfix with "cd /" which did not work

How to upgrade

  • Download Kernel

  • gunzip/untar sdcard.tgz on the twilighte board device

  • type in the orix shell :
  • cd /usr/share/carts/2022.4

if the default device is a usb key

/# orixcfg -r -s 4 kernelus.r64

if the default device is a sdcard

/# orixcfg -r -s 4 kernelsd.r64

Last update: 2024-02-13