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Command: forth

Launch forth for Orix


  • forth


Forth is a language based on teleforth (telestrat). You can type VLIST to list all words. If you need to switch to hires, you can type GRAFX and HIRES. If you need to switch to text: GRAFX and TEXT

You can use forth language. It works the same ways than Tele forth (it's teleforth but it write file on sdcard/usbdrive).

You can download Teleforth langage in order to see how to program in forth.

When you type « forth » forth starts with the current folder directory.

If you were in /, forth will load and save file in this folder.

In others cases, you can create a forth folder in home and goes into it in forth for example :

  • mkdir home
  • cd home

  • mkdir forth

  • forth

if you type « cd forth» in forth environnement, all files actions will be perform in « /home/forth »


Last update: 2023-11-26