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  • .tap file fast loading (with multitap files)
  • Joysticks support for a lot of games on atmos mode without any patch
  • the hobbit, defence-force (and others games) works without any patch for loading.
  • in system : kernel update, roms and ram update (with orixcfg binary)
  • 2 DB9 Joysticks (atari pinout)
  • 512KB of EEPROM (banking mode)
  • 512KB of RAM (banking mode)
  • read/write from sdcard (MAX 64GB) or usb drive (mass storage)
  • drag and drop from the PC to the oric : It will be available on the oric (with WIFI connexion) : It requires extra hardware connected in usb port or sdcard port
  • fast loading : 46KB per second. A game requires less than one second to load and start
  • cumulus compatible with the help of an other amplibus board (not provided)

The twilighte board has a firmware version. This firmware can be upgraded (Advanced users).

The card has a 512KB of eeprom, and 512KB of RAM. Some board have a battery in order to backup RAM banks(for somes versions).

Some extra devices (TOM2, logitech joypad) are explained a bit in this documentation.It explains some ways to use joystick, others hardware exists in the same way

Start atmos/oric-1 tape file, ftdos .dsk files, sedoric disk, stratsed disk and roms

.tap file

Feature read Write joystick auto mapping management
Atmos .tap file
Oric-1 .tap file

.dsk file

Feature read Write joystick auto mapping management
Sedoric .dsk file (beta)
ftdos .dsk file
Stratsed .dsk file

joystick auto mapping management means that there is joystick automapping from each games in order to play Oric games without any software patch

Play games with joysticks without any .tap patches

Start sedoric .dsk file

Start ftdos .dsk file

Start telestrat mode


Last update: 2024-02-09