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Installation for developpers

There is two ways to develop : Oricutron and cross dev with test on real computer

Step 1 : Download the oricutron archive with all things set

Build from source code oricutron : or download last windows binaries :

Step 2 : get main rom (kernel and shell)

Step 3 : Configure oricutron with twilighte board activated

In oricutron.cfg, you have just to set the right parameter to start oric with the board emulated

ch376 = yes
twilighte_board = yes

in "plugins/twilighte_board/twilighte.cfg", the minimal rom must be set as :


Step 4 : start oricutron

Starts oricutron, if everything is OK, Orix starts, if you have missing rom at boot, modify plugins/twilighte_board/twilighte.cfg in order to replace wrong ROM.

there is 2 folders on oricutron: sdcard and usbdrive, in orix type "/#mount", if usb is shown, then "usbdrive/" folder is the main folder.

Under Linux, all filenames must be uppercases (folder and files), it's mainly because emulation rescpect FAT32 specs in the sdcard/usbdrive chip

SDCARD folder in oricutron is the root of the storage, under linux, all binary must be in uppercase!

Step 5 : Download/build cc65

Build it from cc65. You can build your first program in C with cc65 and telestrat target. It builds an Orix binary. This binary can be put in bin/ folder of the device (for oricutron : usbdrive or sdcard folder)

Step 5 : Download SDK (mainly for assembly)

Clone in your project folder

Step 6 : Develop a binary

This link is a template project to start a binary in assembly :

Last update: 2024-01-24