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Starts Telestrat


telstrat without binary starts hyperbasic mode with stratsed (Like -m 0 flag)

/#telstrat [-v] [-d mydisk] [-m mode] [-l first_letter]


Download telstrat

Update last software archive (unzip on Twilighte board storage device)


Starts telestrat with hyperbasic + Stratsed

/#telstrat -m 0

Starts telestrat with hyperbasic, teleass + Stratsed

/#telstrat -m 1

Starts telestrat with hyperbasic, telematic + Stratsed

/#telstrat -m 2

Displays all disks availables with the filename starting by 'a' :

/#telstrat -l a

Starts with a disk

When telstrat starts, default disk (stratsed is inserted), it's possible to insert another disk with -d option.

in that case,

/#telstrat -d builder

It will insert /usr/share/stratsed/b/builder.dsk

If a .dsk is added to the disk argument like :

/#telstrat -d /builder.dsk

It will starts .dsk from / with the name builder.dsk

When .dsk is in the argument of -d flag, it will get the disk as a right path and filename.

Add personnal disk

Add .dsk into /usr/share/stratsed/[FIRST_LETTER_OF_MYDISK]/


  • Tele disk 3 : Error, because it need Real Time Clock Extension
  • Tele disk 2 : Keyboard mess (maybe a wrong .dsk ?)
  • Tea 4 two : Does not work (waiting for rs232 ?)
  • Software mapping keyboard<-> mouse is for instance disabled
  • Wrong compute of ROM and RAM banks
  • if an unknown command is launched, it crashes
  • Serial port is not functionnal (minitel pages can't be started)


Need Oric kernel 2022.3 at least

Last update: 2024-01-02