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Bank command is command line tool to see which bank are loaded into EEPROM bank and RAM bank. Each bank has a "signature". Bank allows to see theses signatures. Bank can also start a ROM with his identifier. In that case, you don't need to have a rom "orix friendly" and you can start it from command line.


List all bank (when ROM signature is valid)


Bank 1 to 32 are eeprom banks and banks from 33 to 64 are ram banks

Displays all signature even when ROM is not valid


List all commands from a bank

/#help -b5

Start a specific bank

/#bank 1

If you need to load a rom into a bank, you need to have a look to orixcfg binar


This command displays bank when the command is called without parameter. WIth a parameter, you can switch to a the id of the bank passed to the argument :

bank : displays all the bank (if a signature is found) bank 4 : switch to bank 4 bank -a : displauys all bank (empty bank too)


Last update: 2023-11-26