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  • add ftell in XVALUES primitive
  • add getProcessName from an id malloc entry
  • get table copy of free malloc table (from XVALUES)
  • get table copy of busy malloc table (from XVALUES)
  • when MAX_PROCESS is reached, kernel displays a kernel panic
  • fix bug when wronly us set only
  • fix two bugs for dynamic relocation format (2)


  • lsmem is recoded from scratch
  • /etc/autoboot is checked at the start of shell in order to boot any submit script (autoboot is a .sub file without extension)
  • pstree added
  • It's now possible to add "#" on command line to specify a comment


Download : Kernel

untar/gunzip on the twilighte board device.

orixcfg (below 2023.2 orixcfg version)

Under Orix

/# cd /usr/share/carts/2023.1/
/usr/share/carts/2023.1# orixcfg -r -s 4 kernelus.r64

orixcfg (equal or greater than 2023.2 orixcfg version)

/# cd /usr/share/carts/2023.1/
/usr/share/carts/2023.1# orixcfg -k kernelus.r64

Last update: 2024-02-13