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Uses funct + L to launch the menu or type "twiload" if you have Oric-1 keyboard

You can select the rom you want to start :

  • For atmos (usbdrive or sdcard), root path of the rom is /home/basic11
  • For Oric-1 (usbdrive or sdcard), root path of the rom is /home/basic10
  • For Pravetzt (usbdrive or sdcard), root path of the rom is /home/pravetzt

and others Roms


  • up/left arrow : move into list
  • space : displays infos of the sofware if available
  • ESC : quit loader



Loader can starts tape file as atmos .tap file by category (demo, games).

Demo, games, tools, music categories displays atmos tape file and Oric-1 tapes files. It means that loader is able to start atmos software only and Oric-1 only.

In order to avoid 2 softwares for Oric-1 and another one for atmos when it's available for theses 2 machines, the choice is that loader displays atmos tape file, and if the software does not exist on the atmos, Oric-1 version is displayed.

Number of software for each category since 15/5/2022

  • Roms : 60
  • Demo : 35
  • Games : 788
  • Tools : 142
  • Music : 80

Last update: 2023-11-26