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[13-02-2024] Kernel and shell 2024.1 are available : 2024.1 notes

[07-01-2024] Bug fix for 'file' : Download file

[29-11-2023] 'vi' first version : Download vi and look at vi manual

[06-11-2023] Telestrat mode had been released : Download telstrat & and Telstrat manual

[15-10-2023] Sedoric mode had been released : Download sedoric & Download dsk-bank & Download softwares and Sedoric manual

[25-09-2023] Kernel 2023.3 and Shell 2023.3 had been released : Notes

Contact to have a board : jede[at]oric[dot]org


The twilighte board is a board which can be plug on a Oric atmos or Oric-1


Orix is an operating system which handles others programs in order to start all softwares available on the Oric.

There are 4 modes :

  • 'Native mode binary' in order to start binary from command line
  • basic10 and basic11 binaries which starts .tap file (Oric-1 for basic10, atmos for basic11) (manage read/write .tap file)
  • ftdos command in order to start ftdos .dsk command (manage read .dsk file)
  • sedoric command in order to start sedoric .dsk command (manage read .dsk file)
  • telstrat command in order to start telestrat mode (stratsed .dsk)

Last update: 2024-02-13