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  • [XMKDIR] Fix registers

  • [XATN] Arc Tan routine removed

  • [XCOS] Cosinus routine removed

  • [XSIN] sinus routine removed

  • [XLN] Ln routine removed

  • [XLOG] Log routine removed

  • [XEXP] Exp routine removed

  • [XOPEN] Now, WR_ONLY Flag does not create the file. O_CREAT is handled and create the file

  • [XFSEEK] now works in 32 bits mode (return EOK if OK, EINVAL if whence is not recognize)

  • [XOPEN] [XREAD] [XCLOSE] Allows to open 2 files at the same times

  • [XFREE] Fix many bugs

  • [Load from device] Add magic token to start any binary without checks

CC65 (telestrat target)

  • [cc65] Fix mkdir bug

  • [cc65] now send correct fd for fwrite/fopen/fread to the kernel

  • [cc65] kbhit has the right behavior now


  • Add readline (command line behavior) : insert/replace mode move to end of the line, at the beginning etc (see : sh - Orix ( code : Assinie)

  • update man pages

Readline :


  • man removes shell ptr and no others command were working, when man is used without any argument => fixed

  • man can displays now more than one screen

Loader (funct+L)

  • Displays the version of the loader

  • When we press space the informations(and comments) of the software is displayed. Up and down arrows are availables to navigate into this page

  • When a letter is pressed, it goes to the first entry of this letter

New command line tool : grep

Grep search pattern into file

New command line tool : untar

can untar tar files

New command line tool : submit

submit can launch script file

How to upgrade

  • Download

  • gunzip/untar sdcard.tgz on the twilighte board device

  • type in the orix shell :
  • cd /usr/share/carts/2022.3

if the default device is a usb key

  • orixcfg -r -s 4 kernelus.r64

if the default device is a sdcard

  • orixcfg -r -s 4 kernelsd.r64

Last update: 2022-11-22