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Initialize struct of the mainargs from current process


Parameters already prepared

initmainargs ptr, nb_of_paramter, 0

Copy only command line to ptr buffer

initmainargs ptr, nb_of_paramter, 1


  .include ""
  .include "../orix-sdk/macros/SDK_mainargs.mac"

  argv            := userzp   ; 2 bytes -> ptr
  argc            := userzp+2 ; 1 byte -> value

  initmainargs argv, argc, 0

  mfree(argv) ; Free argv copy

initmainargs calls XMAINARGS kernel routine. It will returns in argv a ptr with a malloc performs by the kernel. It means that it must be free after the use of the mainargs (if there is no others uses after)

Call XMAINARGS function.

Since cc65 last version (2024 release), XMAINARGS and XGETARGV did not need to declare anymore

Last update: 2024-02-15